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Transport planning

Planning is a series of activities leading to ensuring the delivery of cargo from the place of shipment to the place of destination. It usually consists of several necessary steps. Primarily involves the preparation of the concept of moving the goods, giving orders, coordinating and monitoring as well as preparing the necessary documents. The planning process is one of the most important sentences of the forwarder, properly organized gives expected profits to both our company and the client.

The basis for planning is the acceptance of the order and the collection of basic information necessary for its implementation:

  • Route (place of collection / loading and place of delivery / unloading)
  • Ready goods for transport - extremely important to specify the date when the cargo will be ready for transport
  • Name of cargo / commodity (size, gross weight, net, quantities, description of packages, goods on pallets or loose, its value)
  • INCOTERMS delivery terms
  • Checks - EX, T1, TIR Carnet
  • Detailed characteristics of the cargo (determining whether it is a refrigerated load, dangerous ADR - class specification, packaging groups, oversized, food)
  • Transhipment, storage
  • Additional Cargo insurance

Steps before transport:

  • Consulting – calculations
  • Pick of means of transport or route of carriage
  • Order of mode of transport
  • Cargo insurance
  • Organization of loading works
  • Preparation of transport documents
  • Awarding orders for quality control, quality and other services
  • Negotiating the rates with carriers - contacting participants in the transport and commercial process
  • Submission of goods for check-in

Steps during the process:

  • Access, loading, transport, unloading
  • Storage
  • Monitoring of the course of the transport process
  • Transhipment, repacking, sorting in warehouses

Steps after transport:

  • Receiving a parcel from the carrier - handing over the parcel to the recipient - customs formalities
  • Unpacking and preparing the cargo for collection - invoicing, settlement and collection of receivables - complaints

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