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FAQ – frequently asked questions

Where can I find Go Logis?

The office of our company is located at Janowska Street no. 66 in Biała Podlaska.

If I call you and/or send my RFP, how fast will I get the answer?

After receiving your inquiry, our employees will contact you within 24 hours to clarify your inquiry. If the data necessary to create the offer is complete, you will also receive a reply within 24 hours.

Where can I find all necessary authorizations and certificates?

All necessary authorizations and certificates can be found in the tab Customer Area -> Most important actions. Please check if the documents you are looking for are there. If not, please contact our employees.

Is the size of the cargo a problem for you?

No. The size of the cargo is not a problem for us, because we have access to all branches and various types of transport, including specialist – large-size and courier.

Is the type of the cargo a problem for you?

No. It is important, however, to specify the type of goods already at the stage of asking for an offer, because some of the cargoes require adjusting the appropriate means of transport and verification that the product does not appear on the list of goods covered by the embargo. A special license is required for the carriage of certain types of cargo.

Do you have access to warehouse space/your own warehouses?

Yes, we do not however have our own warehouse space. Storage at Customer’s request is carried out within the available warehouse space of our trading partners. In addition, we offer logistic services related to and complementary to warehousing.

Do you have insurance as a forwarding company?

Yes. We have insurance for forwarding companies under the Forwarding Agent Liability Insurance. In addition, we also have the Carrier Liability Insurance. Policies are available for inspection in the tab Customer Area -> Most important actions.

As a customer what am I protected against under the Forwarding Agent Liability Insurance?

The Forwarding Agent Liability Insurance, as well as the Carrier Liability Insurance, which we additionally own, guarantees you as a Customer that in the event of damage, the payment will be paid to you.

The amount of compensation is regulated by the provisions contained in the CMR Convention and amounts to 8.33 SDR x kg (gross) of the damaged goods.

Is the cargo entrusted to you insured?

Yes, however, the Forwarding Agent Liability Insurance and the Carrier Liability Insurance policies insure the cargo on the basic level (8.33 SDR x kg gross of the damaged goods), and in most cases they do not cover the actual financial losses of the Customer.

In order to obtain the real/market value of the goods, you must additionally insure the cargo with the CARGO policy.

Is it possible to additionally insure the transported cargo

Yes. You can buy Cargo insurance which in case of problems should fully compensate your damage.

The purchase of CARGO insurance is especially recommended when transporting goods of considerable value and of small weight.

Do you offer additional Cargo insurance?

Yes, our company helps in obtaining Cargo insurance, that is, additional cargo insurance for the time of its transport from the place of delivery to the destination point at the Customer’s request.

However, it should be remembered that CARGO insurance is additionally payable.

How does the complaint procedure work?

In detail, the complaint procedure is described in the tab Customer Are -> Most important actions. If the information contained there is insufficient, please contact our employees.

You have not found an answer to your question? Contact us!